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Marble stone

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The possible color variations are endless!
This lesson is on two variations of a marble nail design with depth!

These gemstone nails have incredible depth!

This lesson will cover how to mix multiple colors with the perfect balance
to create a mature and elegant marble art design.

Gemstone designs are popular amongst women of all ages.

These beautiful nails have the sheer look and depth
of real marble, but you might think that
these kinds of designs take too much time and effort.

In this lesson, learn a gemstone design that doesn't need to be cured in between steps;
it cuts down on application time and is perfect for nail artists in busy salons!

This video will provide a detailed lesson on two variations of marble stone nails.
It's perfect for salon work!

Specifically, this lesson includes:

◆How to create depth in the design
◆An easy way to create a marble pattern
◆How to create depth
◆How to move the gel around

and other detailed techniques on this
simple and time-saving design.

Since this lesson covers two types of the design, you can also use it as a reference for how to distribue colors on different nails on a single hand.

Another characteristic of this design is that there are many possible color variations.

Once this design is mastered, it can be altered to match any season and enjoyed throughout the year!

Try and create all kinds of marble patterns with shades that your clients prefer.

Watch this lesson to master this versatile marble stone design
and use it widely in your salon work!