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Jewel Stone

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Perfect as the centerpiece of a spring-summer nail art set!
A lesson on how to create a see-through, shimmery gemstone nail design!

Learn how to make nail art that isn't too cute and accentuates your sophisticated charm!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make nail art with depth that transforms the tips of your nails into gemstones!

A classic nail design for spring and summer is the gemstone nail
that adds a chic flair to your fingertips by recreating the look of gemstones.

With its see-through look, this kind of design can work in a casual setting.
But today's design will feature a feminine color scheme with a classy glow.

In today's lesson, you will learn how to make gemstone nail art that looks
as if there is a mystical glow emanating from its depths.

More specifically, you will learn

◆How to bring out the sense of depth
◆How to paint a nice color gradient
◆How to make the pink shades look sophisticated
◆Tips for placement of crushed shells

and more detailed tips and tricks so you can create a piece
that is mellow but with the right amount of bling.

This classy design that garnishes the fingertips with a realistic gemstone
is perfect for ladies with its subtle shimmer.

It was made in pink tones this time, but of course you can change the colors.
You can alter the whole look of the design just by changing the colors used.

In the warm seasons, you could use blue or green tones
to create nails with a breezy look that's perfect for summer!

Enjoy the various customizations you can make to this alluring gemstone nail design
as you adjust it to go with other nail art or to fit your clients' requests!