Sunset Bouquet

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A main design in nail artist kaji's signature style!
In this lesson, learn a lovely nail art design with multiple-layered flower petals!

This lesson will teach you a nail art design that's extremely popular with the clients of kaji's salon.
kaji will show you how to do a glamorous design with flowers. This nail art has fantastic depth!

Floral designs are very popular with clients, regardless of season.

But, there may be some nail artists out there
who have struggled with this thought:
"My flower designs are getting boring these days..."

If so, the stunning floral design featuring beautiful translucent colors
in this lesson can provide you with one solution.

Floral designs can tend to look a bit childish. However, if you include certain elements,
they'll instantly look much more sophisticated. You can make them into elegant designs perfect for those of us who'd like a more mature look.

In this lesson, kaji will explain everything you need to know, including the most important points,
so that you too can make the pretty, sophisticated design with gorgeous layered flowers.

Specifically, you will learn these things:

◆ How to paint the main design of the large layered flower, so that it looks even prettier
◆ How to create flowers that look like baby's breaths
◆ How to create flower petals that look translucent
◆ Tips on how to create more depth
◆ An element you can add that will give the nail art a finished look

During the lesson kaji will focus on these elements. You'll learn many tips and valuable techniques
for creating a floral nail art that's beautifully translucent.

Techniques you'll learn include using a common household item to increase
the translucent look of the flower petals. kaji's special method is a must-see!

In the video, the instructor uses a lot of purples because she is going for a sophisticated look.
You can, of course, choose another color theme. The nail art might have a slightly different feel to it but it'll still be dazzling.

This is an intricate floral nail art that's perfect for every season, for a wide range of occasions.
Please learn it so that you can create it at your salon!
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レポありがとうございます♪ お花2つバージョンを作って下さったんですね! 花弁の大きさも形も均等でとても綺麗です✨ 花びらもしっかり透けていますね😉♡ ぜひサロンでも沢山作ってください〜😊

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