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Easy and Quick Piled Flowers

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A quick design that'll be done before you know it! It's perfect for salon work.
This lesson will be on a flower design that is not only easy but beautiful as well!

This design will be useful in salon work!
In this lesson you will learn how to make a soft and lovely floral design!

"I want a quick-but-beautiful design for my customers..."
Riyo will make every nail artist's dream come true with this time-saving design lesson.

Even with just 4 colors, one can achieve a floral design that looks multi-layered
with soft, pastel shades.

This lesson will provide explanations of the detailed techniques
needed to create this elaborate but time-saving floral design!

This lesson will include:

◆Tips on how to draw the flowers
◆An extra step to create complex colors
◆Tips on how to create depth easily
◆Tips on how to make the flowers more elegant and mature
◆How to approach color variations when arranging the design

and other techniques that will come in handy
when doing salon work.

Once the techniques are mastered, the colors can be arranged freely.
Using orange or yellow can create a bright, sunny vibe, while cooler colors can be great for a refreshing summer design.

Try using any shade the customer requests to color the flowers.

Although flowery art can sometimes look a little childish, with Riyo's techniques,
anyone can create a more mature and elegant floral design.

This time-saving design is perfect for spring and summer outings.
Why not master it with this lesson and utilize it in some salon work?
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