Lace Candle

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A candle decorated with a feminine and cute lace-shaped piece!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a lace candle that you can make many variations of.

Master the process for making delicate lace-shaped pieces!
This lesson will explain step by step how to make a gorgeous candle decorated with a gold lace-shaped piece.

Your instructor is Atarashi Mogura. She is a candle artist
known for her cute creations that satisfy everyone's desires for girlish things.

In this lesson, Atarashi Mogura will teach you how to make a beautiful, luxurious-looking candle that seems almost like a piece of jewelry.

It's so pretty that you'll want to keep looking at it. It's perfect as a beautiful decor for your room or as a gift to a friend.

In this lesson, Mogura will teach you step by step how to make the lace candle. She'll explain each technique and give you important tips.

◆ How to make the body of the candle
◆ Things to be careful about when making the lace-shaped piece
◆ What to do and what to use so that the lace-shaped piece is even more well-formed
◆ How to make the gold color pop

Mogura will talk about these elements and more. Each process will be explained in detail so that even first-timers can make beautiful lace-shaped pieces.

Once you master the techniques, you can make many variations.

Use different types of waxes to make the body of the candle or use a different lace mold or color to create candles with different looks!

Until you get the hang of them some of the processes may be difficult. Watch the parts that you don't understand several times until you understand them and master Atarashi Mogura's techniques.

Take this opportunity to make your own gorgeous lace candle with the design you like.
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ブラックとゴールドがなんともゴージャス😍✨✨ ベースのツヤといい、レースといい、とってもキレイにできてます👌👌👌❣️ レースモールドから抜く時のコツは、とにかくしっかり冷やす事💡しっかり冷えていれば必ずキレイに抜けるので、また挑戦してみてくださいね🙆‍♀️ 嬉しいレポ、ありがとうございます☺️❣️

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