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Brush Calligraphy: Lowercase Letters

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Once you've mastered the basic strokes, try out this lesson!
This video teaches you how to write fashionable lowercase letters of the alphabet in shiho's casual yet elegant style!

In this lesson, targeted towards those who have mastered the basic strokes,
you will practice writing lowercase letters of the alphabet.

The lesson "Brush Lettering: Basic Strokes" taught you the lines and strokes
used in brush lettering to prepare you to form actual letters.

In this lesson, you will use those strokes to write the alphabet.

This lesson comes with an original sample made by shiho.
Print it out and practice with it as you watch the lesson.

As she writes all the letters from "a" to "z",
shiho will explain the tips to writing balanced letters!

In this lesson, you will learn

◯rules to writing beautiful letters
◯how to create a contrast between thick and thin lines
◯ways to arrange letters

and much more.

Once you've learned how to write lowercase letters, you can use them for birthday and other cards,
or even create artwork to frame and display in your home.

Do try and learn how to write like shiho, and create letters that are both casual and elegant!

Unlike the stroke practice video, this lesson teaches you how to write actual letters, so you will definitely be able to enjoy brush lettering even more!

Print out the practice sheet attached to this lesson and practice again and again!

After you have practiced enough, connect the letters to write the words that you like.

The next lesson, "Brush Lettering: Words", will teach you how to connect letters!
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