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Stickers by HIDEKAZU for TSUMEKIRA: Lesson 3

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This video is available for free right now!

The third set of stickers produced by HIDEKAZU for TSUMEKIRA!

We will introduce how to use these beach-themed stickers,
available in stores on May 1, 2019.

In the free lesson, we will use the seventh set of stickers by HIDEKAZU
for making a fresh new beach-themed nail design!

The characteristic of HIDEKAZU is trendy and charming nails that suit any age.

Finally, a new sheet of stickers produced by him is released at TSUMEKIRA.

Following the beach style stickers that has gained a lot of popularity,
this time we have a refreshing and cute Hawaiian surf-themed design.

There are two eye-catching variations: "Pastel" and "White".

Both sheets are filled with Hawaiian-themed stickers,
which are sure to be popular during this hot summer season.

An elaborate result is achieved in no time by just adding these,
so they are great for fast-paced salon work!

Every design is eye-catching and they're great for any nail art.

The pastel stickers can be combined with a simple solid color base for a cool result.

The white works with all types of colors, fitting both solid color and gradient nails.

You'll be surprised at how much color only one sticker can add.

Check out the lesson for some samples and ideas,
as you have fun creating your very original designs.
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