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2 kinds of nail art in the same video!
A lesson on how to make casual, sophisticated nail art!

In today's lesson, you will learn how to make 2 kinds of nail art
that can be made to look casual or mature.

This is a lesson on how to make stylish nail art with a complicated pattern inlaid with many materials.

There are many customers who don't like nail art that's too cute, or too casual,
or those who think simple nail art isn't enough.

The design that you will learn today is a classy, mature design that has the right level of casualness.

It's nail art that can be recommended for a wide range of customers.

The biggest draw of this "Style Tag" nail art is the complicated overlapping of materials.
In this lesson, the instructor will focus on explaining how to make the shape of the nail look good while overlapping the various materials.

In addition, you will also learn

◯How to make materials that will help you create a classy vibe
◯What to do when you find it hard to make your design balanced
◯How to create unity in your nail art even when using a variety of materials

and more!

Moreover, the fact that this nail art can be used in all seasons is another one of its selling points.

Once you've mastered this nail art, you can use it all year round in your salon work which is very convenient!

For cold seasons such as autumn and winter, cover the entire nail surface with labels for the main nail art.

For cool seasons such as spring and summer, keep the labels to just half the nail to give off a lighter impression.

Master this mature, casual, mayu-style nail art that's classy and cool,
and make full use of it in your salon work!