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Marbled Tiles

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Stylish main nail designs!This lesson demonstrates how to create a chic tile design!

In this tutorial, the instructor sets multiple colored tiles to form two individual designs. The color possibilities are endless.

One design includes tiles on the whole nail, while the other covers half of the nail with tiles and creates a sense of movement. The instructor makes both nails simultaneously in this tutorial.

Though the process is the same for both designs, simply changing the layout of the tiles creates a new, dynamic vibe.

The designs look complex, but the steps to make them are simple. They are created without using very difficult techniques.

The video also covers points like:

◆How to make the tiles
◆How to lay the tiles easily onto the nail
◆How to make a balanced composition

and many more.

Though the tiles themselves are straight, when made with the instructor's methods, the whole design becomes dynamic and stylish.

Once you master the steps, it's easy to create the designs using any combination of colors.

Since you can use whatever colors you like, change them up depending on your clients and the season.

For example, by using beiges and whites, you'll create a mature and refined impression, and with colors like those used in this lesson, you'll add a casual element and the design will be both cute and sophisticated.

Master the tricks of making the tiles as well as building balanced compositions, and have fun trying many colors together!