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Jewelry Cut Bijou

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The cut surface shines like a real diamond!
This tutorial demonstrates how to make sophisticated nail accessories.

This lesson shows the steps to create bijous.
It explains how to make a high-impact nail accessory that showcases a diamond cut embedded within.

Jewelry-style nails always bring glamor to the fingertips, but many clients are hesitant to try big nail parts.

The accessory that mayu demonstrates in this tutorial shows off a cut surface as well as a mirror finish, which combine to create a refined impression.

Though it's large, the jewel doesn't look childish and can be enjoyed by a large clientele.

The most important part of the process is applying the mirror finish.

The mirror effect is applied in a particular way that doesn't obscure the diamond cut surface, and simultaneously makes the jewel look even more sophisticated.

This tutorial focuses on the mirror effect application, and also carefully explains:

◯The material most suited for creating the diamond cut surface
◯How to avoid air bubbles
◯How to adhere the jewel to the nail so it won't come off

and much more.

After completing a silver jewel, mayu transforms it into a blue gem, and explains how to make stones of various other colors as well!

The tutorial also includes examples of variations of the jewel nail design.

Find out exactly what mayu uses to create different colored gems.

These unique jewels, which can be made ahead of time in bulk, will be a huge hit at the salon for sure!

You can also make these accessories in your preferred sizes and shapes.

Master the sophisticated, high-impact jewel nail accessory and use it widely in the salon!
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