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Vintage Violet

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A flower art nail design that looks like the real thing!
Learn the steps of painting antique-looking violets.

In this lesson, you will master how to create a mature design of violets using acrylic paint.

Our teacher DAISY will teach you the way of painting details and making realistic flowers.

The beautiful purple color of the violets gives your nails a feminine feel.

These violets are delicate and look antique,
and they go well with both casual and dressy outfits.

Besides important tips on how to draw realistically, you will also learn how to add the delicate and a vintage appearance.

You will also learn how to lay colors and brush techniques will also be taught in this lesson.

The video also includes:

◯The way of mixing an elegant shade of purple
◯The recommended color for the flower core that goes well with purple
◯How to vary the deepness of color

And much more!

By drawing many small violets together, the end result becomes cut yet mature.

This feminine purple is the solution when you want to keep your nails simple,
but still want to add some visual accent.

Another nice characteristic of this design is its versatility.

The base color used for this lesson is a pinkish beige,
but it's possible to change it without losing the lovely vintage touch,
so you can freely try other colors once you master the techniques.

When you're finished with the violets, why not try your hand at the other flower designs?
Try matching the violets with the Vintage Tulip , and Vintage Daisy designs!
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