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Practicing Basic Strokes -Lowercase (Modern)-

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Downloadable practice sheet included!

Mastered the basic strokes? Start learning the alphabet!
Learn how to write lowercase letters in modern calligraphy!

Once you mastered uppercase letters, it's time to learn lowercase letters.
This beginner lesson will teach you the tricks to easily and beautifully writing the alphabet!

There are two styles of calligraphy: "classic" and "modern"

Classic calligraphy requires you to follow strict rules,
while modern calligraphy gives you plenty of freedom to express yourself.

The freedom modern calligraphy allows makes it a popular style for wedding welcome boards and invitations. It's a very popular style among women.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to write delicate lowercase letters in the modern style.

This lesson will teach you the tips and tricks
to properly writing stylized calligraphy!

◆What to pay attention to when writing lowercase letters
◆Advice on writing each letter
◆How to angle your pen and add proper pressure
◆Specific advice from Instructor Maki Shimano

These and and many other tips on writing smooth and expressive letters
are included in this lesson.

This lesson will let you watch the actual work of instructor Maki. You'll be able to see her nib up close.

Every letter from a to z is lectured carefully.
Practice with the video to learn the skills!

If you haven't mastered uppercase letters yet, try the lesson
Practicing Basic Strokes -Uppercase (Modern)-!

※The original guide sheet includes only guidelines. It does not include tracing practice.
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