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【Yuu】Spring Gems

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A lesson by Yuu from Colors nail!
We'll be learning how to create nail art that looks like gemstones, which is a perfect look for spring.

In this lesson, we'll be learning how to create a design that looks just like real, pink gemstones.
The pink gemstone design is luxurious and warm, so it's perfect for spring.

This gemstone nail art which contains bits of gold will look great on both long and short nails!

It's a very elaborate and exquisite design, but if you master the key points to this nail art,
you'll be able to recreate this design quite quickly, so it's sure to be useful in the salon.

In this lesson, the increasingly popular Yuu from Colors nail will explain in detail how to add depth and realism to this design.

In addition to that, you'll also learn

◯ the trick to creating depth in your gemstone nail art
◯ how to use your brush to create delicate detailing in your design
◯ how and where to apply drop art to make the overall design more complex

in this one lesson.

In order to maintain the translucency of a real gemstone and control the saturation of color, we'll focus on the placement and amount of gel polish, as well as how to use the brush.

In this lesson, we'll be using pink as the main color since it represents spring,
but you can choose to use any color you like.

Even if the color used is different, the technique and amount of gel polish used stay the same, so try creating this design with any spring colors you like!

Using blue will give you a refreshing feel, while yellows and oranges can also bring out a spring-like atmosphere.

Do try using the colors you prefer!