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range rope

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A winding, street pop nail art is here!
This design has distinctive lines different from the hand-painted lines!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a secondary nail design that will be useful in your salon work.

This lesson introduces a simple yet pop secondary nail design.
It's a design that is casual enough and goes well with various kinds of main art.

These interesting lines look like they were hand-painted, but they aren't.
The unique lines are made with "something"!

If you just apply this "something" directly on the nail, however,
it may not align along the curve of the nail, and bubbles may form.

This lesson will show you how to prevent those situations and create a clean finish.
It also shares

◆Appropriate colors and their darkness for the base
◆How to neatly cut excess lines that stuck out of the nail
◆The order of buffing when adjusting the shape

It logically explains various points and tips.

Understanding the reason behind each step
allows you to create high-quality nail art,
so learn the logic together along with the process and the techniques.

A design like this seems like it was out there but it's actually completely unique. It will surely be popular among a wide range of clients!

Every range rope nail will have a different design so the client can also enjoy the making process.

It's a time-saving design made with very easy steps, and
pairing it with intricate main design can balance out the application time.

So take this opportunity to learn how to make it and use it in your salon work!
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