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Practicing Basic Calligraphy Strokes -Uppercase Letters (Classic style)-

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Comes with Ms. Shimano's original guid sheet! (Available after purchasing)

A perfect lesson for classic calligraphy beginners!
This lesson will teach you how to write calligraphy in a classic and antique style.

This lesson is on how to write uppercase letters in classic calligraphy.
This antique style of uppercase letters will come in handy when you want decorative letters.

There are two types of calligraphy styles. One is called the "modern" style and the other is called the "classic" style.

The modern style is more popular these days due to its free and decorative nature.
However, classic calligraphy is also popular for its old-fashioned and antique nature.

This lesson will focus on writing uppercase letters in classic style calligraphy.

The lesson will teach you how to do a clean but fancy way of writing classic style calligraphy, including tips on:

◯how to balance out your letters,
◯how to put pressure on your pen when writing a curve,
◯how to angle your pen in a downstroke in order to get clean letters,

and more...

Our teacher, Maki Shimano, will guide you through the lesson as she demonstrates each step for you.
You'll be able to learn the movements of a pen's nib in no time.

In addition, this lesson comes with a downloadable practice sheet!

If you're a student of this lesson, you'll be able to download a practice sheet.
The link to the sheet is at the bottom of this video's page.

Print out a few pages,
watch the lesson, and get on practicing.
*Not a traceable practice sheet, but a sheet with guidelines.

The lesson will teach you how to write from A to Z very slowly while demonstrating how to write them.
Write as you watch the lesson and acquire the skills to write calligraphy cleanly.

Once you master how to write uppercase letters, go on to this other lesson:
Classic Style Lowercase LettersAnd make sure to try this one out as well!
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