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Relaxing Flower PART2

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Introducing ryo kitamura's techniques with jewel decorations!
The lesson covers how to place jewel pieces on French nail art.

In this lesson, ryo adds jewel decorations
to his coral pink nail art to complete the design.

When putting decorations on French nail art,
the overall balance and the combination of each piece are both important.

ryo explains how he decorates the nails
and what he thinks about during his usual salon work.

This lesson is an extensive tutorial that describes how to apply coating on V-cut stones
and how to combine pieces of different shapes and sizes.

In addition, this lesson covers:

○The correct order of placing decorations
○How to make the nails look longer
○The coating method of nails decorated with jewel pieces

and more.

The nails are already sanded, so focus on
how the top coating is applied to them after placing the decorations.

Questions are often asked on his Instagram account regarding his decoration techniques.
The process introduced in this tutorial is just one example out of many,
but it will definitely help you in your salon work.

In today's design, the pieces are collected on the center of the nails, but the principles are the same
even if their position is different. Please put the techniques to use in your salon work!
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