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Wacky Leopard

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A fancy design with eccentric colors!
This lesson will teach you how to make a quick leopard pattern!

In this lesson you will learn how to create a vibrantly colored leopard pattern.

meg will carefully teach you how to create a cute and realistic leopard pattern easily, even if you aren't confident in your skills.

A leopard pattern you can recommend to customers - not just in Fall and Winter, but all-year around - will be a great addition to your salon work.

Even with the same leopard pattern, by widening its scope of design, you can recommend it to even your long-time customers.

meg's method of creating leopard patterns is super quick.
By mastering how to use your brush, you can easily make stylish genuine leopard patterns.

This lesson will focus on the brushwork used to shorten the time spent on creating detailed leopard patterns

In addition, lessons such as

◆Tips on how to easily create leopard patterns
◆Tips on where to apply the spots of a leopard pattern
◆How to shade the leopard pattern without making it too bold.

will be featured in this video.

Small details such as what kind of gel to use when creating the spotted pattern will also be explained.

Make the leopard pattern your specialty art by practicing the brushwork!

Once you master how to paint a leopard pattern, you'll be able to arrange it however you like.

A traditional leopard pattern uses brown shades,
but you can use vivid colors just like this cute design.

Since this nail art can be completed fast, you'll be able to try it out in many styles!
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