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Bijou and Dot Decoration

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PDF instructions included! Bijou & Dot Pattern Lesson
Learn how to decorate a demitasse cup with bijous and dots!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to decorate a demitasse cup and saucer with gorgeous bijou jewels and beautiful dots!
You'll also receive a downloadable PDF file with your purchase!

Bijou jewelry isn't limited to decorating clothing and nails.

The work of Yoshie Kitagawa, who holds porcelain lessons in Kyoto, looks so elegant that it could even fit in museum displays.
Her designs are notable for their gorgeously shining jewels and round dots.

In this lesson, you'll learn all the details for creating an elegant demitasse cup and saucer.

◆The best powder-to-pigment ratio
◆How to prevent breakage
◆How to paint beautiful patterns
◆How to apply dots and beads
◆How dense the paint should be when applying dots

These and other helpful techniques are included in this lesson.

With Yoshie's original techniques, even beginners
will be able to easily create beautiful demitasse cups.

Those who are thinking of starting this hobby
are sure to get hooked on the beauty of porcelain tableware!

You can also arrange the design however you like by changing the color of the jewels and dots.

This lesson is full of tips and tricks that will raise your project's quality to the next level. Take this opportunity to learn new skills to apply to your future projects!
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