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Blur Candle

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This design can be modified in any way you like!
This lesson teaches how to make the Blur Candle with a beautiful pattern that looks like a watercolor painting.

Today's lesson will teach you how to create the Blur Candle with a design that looks like a watercolor painting.
Blur refers to making the color "bleed" or "less distinct".

Various patterns will be made by blurring the color using a certain material.

The colors and patterns are all up to you!
The candle allows the creators to freely design it in their own way.

Master how to make it and
create your favorite look with the colors and shapes you like.

The lesson starts with the process of making the base for
the aroma wax sachet and the cylindrical candle.
It will cover the process all the way up to finishing the sachet candle with a string for hanging.

As the video explains the process,

◯How to secure the wick when using a mold, and an extra little step for creating a stable candle
◯The necessary item to create a unique texture
◯How to prevent the colors from staining other objects

will also be taught.

In order for you to learn the basics and enjoy creating different designs, the process will be thoroughly explained.

Blurring the colors on the surface of the candle, as the name suggests,
will turn it into a stylish candle.

The completed pattern is one-of-a-kind, so it's also suitable as a gift.

Try and create various blur candles using different molds,
such as a sachet like the one introduced in the lesson or a cylindrical candle.

The process of making the candle is easy, so master it and make lots of them!
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