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Copic Marker Illustration "Little Devil" Day.5

0780 square 01
0780 square 02
Drawing illustrations using COPICs!
On day 5 lesson, we will be adding colors to detailed parts of the illustration.

In this lesson, we will be adding shades and depth to the drawing in details,
by overlaying colors on top of the dark colors that we already put on.

By adding and overlaying the colors in details, we will give it more dimension to the piece.

In the last lesson, we added dark colors to give it a vividness to the piece.

We would be overlaying colors, by looking at areas with the dark colors and
the other parts to adjust the colors of the illustration, in order to balance the piece as a whole.

In this lesson, we would be lecturing on what areas to overlay colors.
The lesson contains:

◯How to decide on the colors of the accessories on the clothes
◯How to blend the areas where there is no color and areas with colors
◯Tips on how to add shades to the stripes
◯Important points when making gradations on detailed areas

These points are necessary to finish up the piece in high quality.

We will mainly be applying colors to small detailed parts in this lesson, and
by adding colors and gradations to detailed areas of illustration,
the piece would finish up beautifully.

Just by adding this one process, it would create a vast difference.
So please refer to Kawana's method of overlaying colors and try it for yourself.

After adding the dark colors of the illustration go to day 6 lesson
We will be coloring to finish up the piece.

Have fun throughout the process of finishing up and master the techniques♪
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