Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Working on Expressiveness-

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Leearn how to make your writing look much more fancy!
Tips on how to better express your words will be given!

In this lesson,
the instructor, Ai Kishimoto will teach you how to better express your alphabets.

Learn how to take the fancy letters that were taught in the beginner to advanced lessons,
as well as the alphabet lesson, and make them even more fancy.

Once you have learned how to draw a fancy word using a brush pen,
try to write as if you are making a piece of artwork.

You might feel that your fancy writing looks bland on a plain piece of paper.

In addition to the tips on how to solve that issue,
methods for how to write in a modern style as well as an unusual style will also be given.

By mastering these techniques, you can express your work
to look more brilliant and complicated.

The content of the expression stage is as follows.

STEP 1:Spreading the tip of the brush pen
STEP 2:Sprinkling ◯◯ on the paper
STEP 3:How to write modern fonts
STEP 4:How to write beautifully
STEP 5:How to write a line with words

The purpose of this lesson is to make the writing look more complicated
by mastering the 5 methods to better express your writing.

Let's practice using a different method to write a more fancy word!

By mastering the 5 methods, you will be able to increase your repertoire of work for sure!

Let's think about the the person you want to send the card to and
use the techniques to write a fancy card with brush pen.

In addition to writing cards, this can be applied for writing the menu for a restaurant
or when writing for a poster.

Please write words with lots of different styles that matche the occasion!

※Correction is not included for this video.
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