Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Hiragana-

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Comes with a free downloadable practice sheet!
Expand your Hiragana variations!

In this lesson, the instructor, Ai Kishimoto will show you
ways to expand your Hiragana design variations.

Apply the techniques you learned in the basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons
and expand your calligraphy font variety.

The fascinating thing about calligraphy fonts is that you can give them
so many different personalities by changing their shapes.

Make different fonts with different looks for the person you want to send your card to.

This video also shares tips for arranging customized hiragana into a sentence.

It will show you how you can place the letters in a stylish layout
maximizing the look of each letter.

This Hiragana tutorial includes:

STEP 1: How to write hiragana
STEP 2: How to expand your font variations
STEP 3: How to tastefully arrange letters vertically
STEP 4: How to tastefully arrange letters vertically -Advanced-
STEP 5: How to tastefully arrange letters horizontally

The goal in this lesson is to understand the techniques to freely customize hiragana
and be able to create seasonal greeting cards such as a New Year's card.

This lesson is perfect for those who want to try creating your own New Year's card,
or want to make unique a New Year's card different from every other year.

This lesson also comes with a special free gift
from the insructor, Ai Kishimoto.

Those who sign up for this video receive a PDF hiragana practice sheet that she developed.

This magical practice sheet lets you create
customized letters with no effort.

You will learn how to use the practice sheet in the video,
so enjoy discovering different styles of fonts with this sheet.

Think of the person receiving your special card and create lots of different greeting cards!

※Correction by Ai Kishimoto is not included in this lesson.
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