Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Intermediate-

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First 10 viewers receive correction on their writing from the instructor, Ai Kishimoto!

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① Create a greeting card using the techniques you learned in the tutorial.
Take a picture of the card from above and upload it here→

② Once the uploaded image is reviewed and corrected,
comments will be shown on this page.

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Downloadable font sample PDF available!
Learn how to express yourself with calligraphy fonts!

In this lesson, Ai Kishimoto will teach how to express yourself with brush pen letters.

Once you have learned the basics of brush pens, try creating letter designs that express your feelings.

These expressive letter designs are useful
in personal letters, cards, and on various other occasions.

This intermediate tutorial includes:

STEP 1: Tips on creating cute letters
STEP 2: Tips on creating soft-looking letters
STEP 3: Tips on creating bold, strong letters
STEP 4: Tips on creating fun-looking letters
STEP 5: Express your feelings with letters

The goal in this lesson is to understand how to modify a single character into different designs,
and be able to create a card that expresses your feelings.

This lesson is perfect for those who wish to write stylish brush pen letters
or want to create expressive, personal greeting cards!

Learning the tips Ai shares in this video
will allow anyone to create a variety of characters
in so many different designs!

This lesson also comes with a special free gift
from the instructor.

Those who sign up for this video receive a free letter sample PDF.

It shows each type of letter created by Ai,
including fonts with strong strokes, fun lines, and shapes.

Once you master how to create different letter designs, refer to the sample sheet
and try creating your own ones for various characters.

Have fun with brush pen drawing as you think of the person receiving your special card!
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