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Chocolate Sheets for Baking

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Professional bread-making made easy!
Learn how to make chocolate dough sheets in order to make a chocolate swirl bread!

This lesson will instruct you on how to make chocolate sheets
for making a chocolate swirl bread.

Our teacher for today is sakunana.
She will be teaching you how to make chocolate swirl bread in an easy and short way.

Chocolate swirl bread is a type of bread where you use a chocolate sheet made of cocoa powder,
and you bake the bread by folding the sheet into the dough.

It may seem complicated, but by following sakunana's instructions,
you will be able to bake this at home, in no time!

This lesson will talk about:

◯Tips on how to properly mix the ingredients.
◯How to make chocolate sheets without making your hands dirty.
◯Some tips and warnings on what not to do.

And more...

She will guide you through each and every step of the process,
so don't worry even if you're a bread-baking beginner.

Once you've mastered the art of chocolate sheet-making,
go ahead and challenge yourself and make a chocolate swirl bread, using a basic bread dough!

You can find her lesson on making chocolate swirl breads in another video.

This video uses a plain bread dough to combine with the chocolate sheet,
but as long as you know how to make a sheet, you can go ahead and make your own original recipes.

Try combining a chocolate sheet with chocolate dough. You'll love it!

Master the art of chocolate sheet-making, and
go ahead and make your own unique, original recipes.

Make sure to check out "Basic No-knead Bread Dough"
if you haven't learned how to make bread doughs yet!
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