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Caring Lesson (Second Grade Test)

Caring Lesson (Second Grade Test)
With PDF textbook (You can download after you purchase.)

Capture the whole flow and points of filing to care perfectly♡

When you learn skills at school or real lesson, you sometimes forget or can't understand completely. When you learn at video, you can repeat many times you like.
Lecture in detail about an example of missing, usage of items, the points tending to get a deduction. Also the instuctor will lecture by the same flow so you can easy to understand the whole flow.
And, by high performance zoom, it is easy to understand how to use the cuticle nipper or an angle and movement of filing, more than watch in real♪

✔︎Who isn't good at using nipper.
✔︎Who wants to learn about care intensively
✔︎Who wants to check the order perfectly

Watch this video and practice hard!
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