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One-Pot Ombre Candle

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A candle that can be made in just one pot!
Let's learn how to make a candle with soft and gentle gradient colors!

Making the classic ombre candle has never been simpler!

In this lesson, we will be learning in detail the techniques of making beautiful ombre candles in pastel colors with just one pot.

Handmaking candles have been hugely popular in recent years.

The multi-colored ombre candle is everyone's all-time favorite.
It's a candle with a fun blending of one color hue to another.
It's easy enough for a beginner to make and can be made in a wide variety of colors.

Normally, for a beautiful gradient,
you would need a pot for each color in the coloring process.

But having so many containers to prepare would be a chore, and cleaning up after would take a long time too.

"I wish there was a way to make ombre candles with fewer tools..."

If that's you, then this lesson is for you. In this lesson,
the points to making a pastel-colored ombre candle will be explained in detail, using just one pot.


◆ The correct temperature for each step
◆ The basic method of coloring
◆ The trick behind making soft pastel ombre

It has a number of points and basic techniques required
for making an ombre candle with a few tools.

Once you have mastered the techniques, make more with various colors.

Try pink for a ladylike touch, cool colors for a refreshing impression,
or even darker shades for a striking gradient.

So take this opportunity to master the way of making ombre candles with just one pot, and apply it to your craftmanship!
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