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Hand-Kneaded Pumpkin Candle

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Hand-mold wax and create candles!
Learn how to hand-mold waxes and make candles!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make adorable candles that look like pumpkins.
They are perfect to use as decorations during the fall!

To make candles you usually pour wax into a mold. However,
there are ways you can make candles without using molds.

The candles that the instructor will make during this lesson are perfect for the Halloween season.
She'll also teach you how to make candles by hand-molding them.

So that you can use the techniques to make other variations,
the instructor will teach two candles: the basic pumpkin candle and a variation.

The basic pumpkin candle is orange.
It will be very simply decorated.

During the latter half of the lesson, the instructor will use two differently colored waxes to make a pumpkin candle.
She'll also show you the different ways you can decorate the pumpkin candles.

Hand molding candles isn't the only thing you'll learn. Learn how to create the pumpkin's grooves and tips to achieve a beautiful finish.

Master the techniques and make lots of cute variations!

Once you learn the process, you can make countless variations.
You can make any shape you want, including fruits and animals.

During the lesson, orange- and green-colored wax is used.
However, you can make them any color you want. Choose a color that will match your room.

These pumpkin candles are adorable when you line them up!
Put ribbons and neckties on them. You can give them facial expressions too.
Try out different ideas!

Light candles and enjoy the Halloween season.
Make kawaii pumpkin candles for a fun Halloween season!
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