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Pancake Candle

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Turning a popular dessert into a candle!
Learn how to create a realistic pancake candle complete with whipped cream and syrup.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a pancake candle that looks just as delicious as the real dessert. The texture of the dough and the red strawberry sauce make this pancake candle extremely realistic and cute.

The charm of candle-making is that, depending on the colors you choose to combine, you can have tons of fun making all sorts of different original designs.

This lesson will be filled with information on candle-making techniques, as we will be using 4 different types of waxes with different characteristics. These techniques can be applied to a wide range of candles, so please do give this lesson a try.

While fully showing off the charm of making candles, this lesson will also cover

◯ how to make realistic-looking pancake dough
◯ how to make whipped cream using candles
◯ how to make the sauce
◯ things to take note of for each wax

amongst other key points that will help you create a realistic-looking pancake candle.

Additionally, in this lesson, both beginners at candle-making and experienced candle makers will be able to have fun making this candle, so please give it a try!

After mastering the method to make this candle, feel free to add your own spin to the design!

In this lesson, we'll use a strawberry sauce for the finish, but using a chocolate sauce like in the picture can also be a great idea. Orange or kiwi sauce would give a really cute finish too.

The overall vibe of the candle changes completely with different combinations of colors, so you can consider using chocolate sauce if you're decorating a sophisticated, chic room, or strawberry sauce if you're decorating a colorful, cute room.

Color the dough, sauce and cream with your own favorite colors, and try to customize the decorations to make your own original pancake design!

※A different lesson on how to make the pastry decorations: Please watch 「Silicon initial mold making」to learn how.
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