Creating Styles with Movement

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Incorporate movement into a flower arrangement to make it look elegant!
This lesson teaches how to incorporate movement into your flower arrangement!

In this lesson, we'll be learning how to create a flower arrangement that has movement.
Let's try our hands at arranging a design that looks elaborate and exquisite.

Laying out flowers and small ornaments for tea time and photographing them is fun,
but you can make your arrangement so much more exciting by incorporating some movement.

Even if you use some really cute flowers, your arrangement can come out dull and lifeless if you just lay them there.

In this lesson, you will learn how to place each item such that there are flow and movement to the design.

Designs that have movement really stand out,
so this sort of flower arrangement will definitely come in useful!

Once you get the hang of the order in which you place your flowers, you'll be able to create really dynamic designs,
so this is a lesson that's perfect for beginners as well.

Once you've mastered the tricks to flower arranging, try your hand at using many other kinds of flowers!

In this lesson, although we'll be shown 3 different kinds of arrangements with different looks,
you have the freedom to create your own design.

Do try creating many different arrangements using your favorite flowers, or any flowers that are in season!

Also, feel free to use any extra ornaments or decorations not introduced in the lesson to your design.

Make use of all the tips and tricks that Yoko teaches and have fun creating lots of designs!
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