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Mallow's Christmas Lesson -Winter Floral Swag-

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A handmade flower decor that's perfect for the winter!Learn how to make a floral swag with Squarrosa.

This lesson is on how to make a winter floral swagusing Squarrosa and Blue Ice.

A swag is a decoration that goes on the wall.In Europe, it is used as a charm for happiness and as a protection from evil spirits.Is it custom to hang up swags in rooms or at the entrance.

Swags that are madewith seasonal plantscan also bring the room a wintery air.

A large swag will definitely work perfectly as a decor piece for the winter.By putting one up, it will create a wintery atmosphere in the room.This lesson features basic methods to make a floral swag and will discuss:

◯Points to keep in mind when shaping your floral swag, cleanly
◯How to wire plants of different sizes
◯Tips on making the swag look nice from the sides

and many more.

The instructor will also talk about how to make and put on decorations on the swagand how to put a string on the swag when putting it up on a wall.

In this lesson, the swag is decorated with handmade parts made from gray woolbut you can customize your floral swag in infinite ways!

It will also look nice and more wintery with red decorations.Original handmade decorations or decorations that you already have will also make the swag look pretty.

The swag's look will change depending on its decorationsSo try decorating the swag with various decoration parts!

For those of you who are not sure where to get the flower materialsor cannot get them easily, we recommend purchasing the lesson that comes with flower materials!
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