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Flower Arrangement Lesson - Winter Candle Arrangement-

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Perfect winter decor!
Learn how to arrange flowers using a candle.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a flower arrangement combining flowers with a candle.
It will make a perfect interior for the winter season.

Enjoy a Mallow-style flower arrangement lesson for the winter.

It's nice to make a flower arrangement with just flowers and decorate your room with it,
but it's even better with a candle, as it adds on to the wintery impression.

Make a flower arrangement with a candle
and warm up the air during the cold winter.

It will also make a perfect interior for Christmas parties.

Featured in this lesson along with
how to fix a candle on a plate or the order of flowers to put are;

◯The height in which the flowers should be prepared
◯How to put flowers and fruits to fill the whole plate
◯One extra step at the end to make the arrangement look gorgeous

and many more.

Learn how to make an attractive candle arrangement
on a plate with plenty of flowers and a candle in the center.

The flowers used in this lesson are mainly pink and purple to match the purple candle,
but you can make myriad of different arrangements for this work.

By just changing the color or the shape of the candle,
you can make a candle arrangement of a different mood.

You can make a nice and refreshing arrangement using a white candle with blue flowers,
or a beautiful Christmas-like arrangement using a red candle with green flowers.

Choose the candle and the flowers depending on how you want the air of your room to be,
and enjoy making your original candle arrangement!
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