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Making Mallow style boxed flowers with just 3 rules

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The popular flower arrangement lesson is now online!
This tutorial shows how to make a Mallow style boxed flowers with only 3 rules to follow.

This lesson shows you how to make
one of Mallow's most popular arrangements: a flower box.

It explains how to arrange flowers to create
a cute flower box with just a few simple steps.

A flower box is an arrangement of flowers in a box
with a ribbon tied around to make it look like a gift box.

Boxed flowers are perfect for gifts as the recipient can display them straight away.
They have become a classic choice of gift for Mother's Day and other special occasions.

This lesson teaches the boxed flower arrangement in a Mallow style.
It shows the process of creating a beautifully balanced flower box following 3 rules.

It also shares:

◆The order of flowers to add
◆Direction and depth of flowers
◆Points to remember when adding berry component

Various tips including above are shared with you.

They can be easily made, so those who have never sent
flower arrangements to others can also give it a try.

In this arrangement roses and paphiopedilum orchids are used as main pieces
but different flowers may be used once you get the hang of it.

The look of your flower box depends on what kind of flowers you choose as its main element.
Select different flowers according to the recipient of your arrangement.

Choose flowers based on your interior design or according to seasonal color palettes
and create a flower box as your room decoration.

Also have fun picking a box that suits the flowers you selected
and make a precious gift for your friends and family.
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