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Take Mallow's flower arrangement lessons at home!
This lesson will show you how to make a bouquet with rose and pokeweed.

This lesson shows you how to make a stylish and dynamic
bouquet using rose and pokeweed as its key elements.

It tells you how to make a Mallow style bouquet
in a simple way so even beginners can give it a try.

Flower bouquets are classic work of flower arrangement,
which can be useful on many different occasions.

They can be sent as a gift for celebrations or as a small present,
or displayed at home as a part of interior design.

Flower bouquets are even more special when you make them on your own.

Learn the basic and more advanced bouquet making
and create your very own flower arrangement gifts.

In today's lesson, Tomoko Koshiishi will teach how to make a Mallow style bouquet with the following content:

◯ Shape-specific pretreatment methods for clean bundling
◯ Tips on making a bouquet with movement
◯ Points to remember for creating a nice bouquet shape

Various tips including above are shared with you.

It will show you how to create a balanced yet dynamic bouquet.

Once you master this bouquet, try making another one using different flowers!

We recommend you practice using the same type of flowers
introduced in this tutorial until you get used to it.

Once you get the hang of it, use flowers with your favorite colors,
or select materials according to your recipient and make a bouquet.

Flower bouquets can be arranged in so many different ways.
Master this bouquet making technique and create your original bouquets filled with different flowers!
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