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Herbarium Necklace

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○This lesson is designed for those who have completed the following lessons:
Attaching Metal Parts to Accessories
Basics of Metal Parts

Adorable swaying flowers!
This lesson will teach you how to create a trendy herbarium necklace.

Capture the elegant beauty of herbariums into a necklace!

This lesson will teach you how to create a herbarium necklace perfect for the season.

Herbariums let you see beautiful flowers swaying in oil.
It's becoming a popular craft in the handmade community.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy it as a necklace, not just decoration for your room?

In this beginner-friendly lesson, you'll learn how to create this mature-but-cute accessory.

◆Advice on inserting preserved flowers into domes
◆The best amount of flowers to use
◆How much oil to use
◆How to add the proper finishing touches

These and other tips that will help you create a cute herbarium necklace are included in this lesson.

This also includes original ideas form pepe.
You'll learn what common item you can use instead of herbarium oil to create this necklace as well.

Adding flowers of different colors can make a gorgeous piece, or you can use flowers of the same color for a calmer look.

Once you master how to make it, you can arrange the herbarium with whatever flower combination you like.

Beautiful swaying flowers are sure to add a great accent to your outfit!

Learn how to make a herbarium, then enjoy arranging it in many ways!
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