Natural Flying Wreath

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A very popular wreath posted on Kanako Takizawa's Instagram is now released as
an online lesson. She will give a tutorial on how to make a "flying wreath".

In this lesson, you will learn to create
a flying wreath which swings nicely in the air.

Using a wreath base with a chain and artificial flowers,
Kanako will give you tips for arranging leaves and flowers to create a pretty wreath.

Typically, wreaths are hanged on the wall,
but this wreath will be hanged from the ceiling.

The flower materials used in this wreath are similar to those in a regular type.
But, it gives an atmosphere totally different from a wreath hung on the wall.

The main focus of the lesson is on how to arrange leaves and flowers on the base
to create a wreath which looks pretty from all angles.

Other things talked about in the lesson are:

◆How to place leaves to create a wreath which looks nice and airy
◆How to give a nice movement to your wreath
◆How to place accent flowers in a good balance
◆The order to place different types of flowers and fruits

and more!

Learn the tips on how to create a natural wreath decorated with flowers and leaves
and try making one yourself!

After you learn the basics in the lesson, you can arrange it using various flowers and leaves!

As long as you keep in mind the points to be careful when making a flying wreath,
you can create a pretty flying wreath using all kinds of flowers.

Please go through the lesson and
enjoy making a flying wreath which brings
a nice atmosphere to the room.
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