Flower Basket with Preserved Flowers

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Learn how to arrange a basket
using plenty of preserved flowers!

This lessons will teach you how to arrange a flower basket
using preserved flowers, featuring preserved roses and hydrangea.

It's a pretty flower arrangement using plenty of preserved flowers with different shades of pink
in a natural brown colored basket.

You will learn how to make a flower arrangement that has solidity and strong presence
by using small flowers and leaves as an accent in addition to the roses and the hydrangeas.

The lesson will also give you many useful points that will come in handy
when you do other flower arrangements with baskets.

Lecturer Natsumi Hashimoto explains

◆how to prepare the preserved flowers and leaves for flower arrangement
◆how to decide the order in which the flowers are placed in the basket
◆how to place the colors and decide the height of the flowers to make the arrangement well-balanced

to help you perfect the basket arrangement.

The different steps and key points taught in the lesson
are applicable to basket arrangements in different sizes.

By learning the key points, you will be able to make basket arrangements
using different flowers and basket sizes.

Once you learn the tutorial, you can choose the color and the size of the basket along with the flowers
that best fit the season or the theme of the room.

Let's learn the secrets for making stylish, gorgeous, bold basket arrangements
from Natsumi Hashimoto!
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