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Flower Wrapping with Kitchen Cloth

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Heureux heure's Natsumi Hashimoto will give a lesson on bouquets.
We will even lecture you on how to wrap the bouquet with kitchen cloth.

This lesson is from heureux heure's popular "12 month bouquet lesson,"
and we will teach you how to make a bouquet wrapped with kitchen cloth.

When you think of bouquet wrapping, you usually pick from various colors and textures of paper,
and choose one that best fits the flowers.

What Natsumi will introduce today is a wrapping method using kitchen cloth.

The nice, soft feeling that the combination of flowers and cloths produce is perfect for gifts.

You can send the kitchen cloth along with the flowers, so
it should be useful in many different situations, such as a Mother's Day gift.

In today's lesson,

◆How to balance out the bouquet
◆How to make use of the leaves
◆An easy wrapping method using linen kitchen cloth

Centered on the above points, we will explain various different points.

We will lecture you from bundling the bouquet, to wrapping and tying on a ribbon for the finish, so even beginners can try it out.

After you master it, pick flowers and leaves of your choice,
and kitchen cloth that matches it, and try making it yourself.

Just changing the cloth will change the impression of the bouquet greatly,
so you can enjoy many different outcomes.

Please choose flowers and kitchen cloths of your liking,
and enjoy wrapping your own bouquet!
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