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Seasonal Flowers Wrapped with Washcloth

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Natumi Hashimoto from Heureux Heure will introduce you
a Japanese-style bouquet wrapped with a tenugui cotton cloth.

In this lesson, the instructor tells you how to make
a Japanese style bouquet wrapped with a tenugui cotton cloth.

It’s one of the 12 month bouquet lessons by Heureux Heure, the instructor Natsumi’s shool.
You can give both flowers and a tenugui cotton cloth by sending this bouquet.

It’s recommended to those who want to send a different bouquet than usual
or those who want to send something other than a bouquet.

We have the impression that bouquets are Western, but this one is Japanese-style.
It has a serene impression that matches with the Japanese item, tenugui.

In this lesson, she tells you:

○ Tips to bring out movement in a bouquet
○ How to keep water for a gift bouquet
○ Special wrapping method with a tenugui which is more than just a wrapping.

etc. along with how to make a basic bouquet.
It’s full of useful techniques and tips for making a bouquet.

By mastering how to pack a bouquet into a bundle and a wrapping method using a tenugui,
you will be able to make your own arrangement.

Tenugui designs vary in colors and patterns
so try to choose a tenugui and flowers that suit an image of a receiver of your gift.

A tenugui gives a special sense to your handmade bouquet.

So please enjoy sending flowers together with a tenugui!
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