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Highly Instagrammable! Flower Wreath with Preserved Flowers

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A trending wreath on Instagram!
Learn how to make a wreath using preserved flowers.

In this lesson, learn how to make a wreath in muted pink tones
with preserved flowers.

This wreath, embellished with many dried pods and small flowers in addition to the main flowers,
was a big hit on Natsumi Hashimoto's Instagram.

The presence of this wreath draws people's attention.

In this lesson, you'll not only learn how to make a wreath,
but also how you should insert the flowers and dried pods.

Natsumi will provide tips and explain in detail
what she pays attention to when making wreaths.

◆How to prepare the wreath frame so that the flowers can be inserted firmly into it
◆The direction and order in which you should insert the flowers to make a neat wreath
◆Where to insert the leaves and dried pods to make a balanced wreath

You will learn the above tips and a lot more.
All of these are techniques that you'll need to make a trendy, eye-catching wreath.

You'll be guided through every step, from how to prepare the flowers and the wreath frame
to how to make the loop from which the wreath will hang from. So this is a lesson perfect for beginners!

Once you've mastered the basics, you can make endless variations of design.

Pink hydrangeas and roses were used mainly in this wreath,
but by changing the color scheme, you'll end up with a wreath with a completely different look.

As long as you've got the method down,
you'll be able to create a well-balanced wreath regardless of the color or type of flower you use.

So go ahead and master the art of wreath-making
and have fun making a variety of wreaths that go with each season!
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