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STEP2 Porcupine Pincushion

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The lesson to watch after mastering the basics!
Learn how to make a porcupine pincushion with needle felting.

In this lesson, Midori Hattori will teach how to make
a porcupine using needle felting that you can use as a pincushion.

The porcupine which is useful but also has a cute shape and expression
is sure to soothe you during your crafts.

In this lesson, Midori will talk about
how she makes the cute and soft-looking shape
as she makes the porcupine with a dotted pattern.

Also, points such as

◆How to easily create the shape
◆How to attach the ears and legs
◆How to add the patterns, and the points for adding a dotted pattern

will be taught.

Midori will teach you all of the important points for making the porcupine
so that you can add your own touches, such as changing the colors.

They are easy to make, to try making one
even if you are new to needle felting.

Once you learn the procedures to make it and add patterns, you can add your own touches!

Midori will be adding a dotted pattern in this lesson,
but you can add heart patterns or stripe to get a cute finish!

You can make a different looking porcupine just by
changing the color of the needle felting, so try making them with other colors.

The puffy and adorable porcupines can be used as a pincushion
or you can make many of them and display them!

A useful pincushion that will be appreciated as a present.
Please master the procedures and enjoy making them with many colors and patterns!