Flower Hanger Styling.

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This video will teach you how to create an antique-feel styling, using a brass hanger

In this lesson you will be learning how to create an antique-feel styling
using a brass hanger.

In this lesson, the hanger is laid on a table for the flat styling,
but once you understand the rules of arranging flowers
you can attach the flowers to the hanger with glue or fix them with wires,
so that you can decorate your walls with them.

Isn't it so nice if you can decorate your hanger by yourself
to create your original decoration piece for rooms?

In this video, we are using 2 hangers but they are different in shapes
so that we can create different feels.

◆Types of flowers that are perfect for creating the antique feel.
◆Tips for creating the harmony
◆Tips regarding positioning to achieve the 3D look

Skills such as above are taught to make cute flower hangers.

You will be also learning 2 types of styling using dried flowers and fresh flowers.
Enjoy finding out how these 2 types of flowers make different feels!

You can change the size of the hanger, or ues different flowers
to create different stylings with different feels.

In this lesson, we are using brass hangers to create the antique feel,
but use your favourite hangers and pick flowers that are perfect for the hangers
to create your original flower hangers!
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