Heart Flower Styling

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One of Yoko's most well-known arragnements!
Learn how to style flowers into a cute but mature heart!

One of Yoko's most popular works, the heart styling!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to style flowers into a cut and elegant heart!

Have you ever bought flowers when you happened to stop by a flower shop?
Setting them in your entrance or room is nice, but why not learn how to style flowers for various occasions?

"I can do more than just set them in a row?"
There are many people who aren't familiar with the possibilities of flower arrangements.

However, with Yoko's flower styling techniques, you can bring out the full beauty of your flowers and brighten any space with them.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create the heart styling which mixes cuteness with elegant matureness!

◆How to choose flowers for the heart styling
◆How to create a neat heart shape
◆What order to place flowers for a rhythmic arrangement

These and many other tips and tricks for styling flowers into a cute heart are included in this lesson.

You can use this arrangement for many occasions,
such as welcoming guests and decorating small events.

You can also take a wonderful Instagram photo of your floral heart!

Use your picture as your phone's lock screen image or texting app background to brighten up your day!

Take this opportunity to learn how to style your flowers into hearts! Start enjoying flowers in your daily life!
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