Flat Lay Styling Basics

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Yoko's stunning flower styling techniques!
Learn how to style flower for a beautiful photo set up!

Do more than just placing them on the ground!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to bring out the beauty in flowers with Yoko's flower styling techniques!

Flowers are vibrant and beautiful. They can easily bright up any space.

Have you ever found a perfect flower
in a flower shop you just stumbled upon
and couldn't stop yourself from buying it?

It would be a shame to just place that flower
in the corner of your room.

Why not take this opportunity to learn how to style the flower to bring out its full beauty?

In this lesson, flower stylist Yoko will teach you the basics of flower styling!

◆How to hide wrinkles in the table cloth used to style the scene
◆Choosing the right flowers for styling
◆How to add dimension to the styling
◆How to create an impactful set up with few flowers

These and many other tips from Yoko are included in this lesson.
This is a great lesson for those just starting to decorate with flowers.

Watch how Yoko uses her techniques to completely change the atmosphere with the same flowers!

Learn her skills to create welcoming spaces for guests, or make photogenic scenes for Instagram.

Learn the basics of flower styling and add some flair to your every day!
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