Flower Box with Dried Flowers

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It makes a perfect gift that brings a smile on your loved ones!
Takoko Hisamatsu will teach you how to make boxed dried flowers that look like a sprawling field of flowers!

In this lesson, learn how to make a vibrantly colored flower box
filled with dried flowers!

Handmade flower boxes made by Takako are characterized
by their beautifully soft gradients and arrangements that pop out at you.

Flower boxes are a classic flower arrangement, and sometimes they end up looking all the same.
But you'll be able to create a refined unique flower arrangement
if you just follow a couple of points from this video.

In this lesson,
Takako will teach you how to make a flower box with a pink to yellow gradient
while giving you all the helpful tips you need!

More specifically,

◆How to make your arrangement pop out
◆How to make your arrangement look unique
◆How to position your flowers with a good balance
◆How to arrange your flowers for a beautiful gradient
◆How to choose flowers that won't fade so quickly
◆Tips on how to bring out the colors of flowers when drying them

and more. In addition to the basic techniques needed to make a flower box,
this lesson also includes tips and tricks that Takako uses in her projects.
This lesson will show you everything you wanted to know.

A flower box made with flowers of a single color will look cute too,
but by turning it into a gradient with 2 colors, it'll look even more unique,
resulting in a gorgeous arrangement perfect for jazzing up special occasions like weddings!

You can change the kinds of flowers used or the colors used in the gradient
to make a beautiful flower box that's uniquely yours.

The fact that they don't get damaged with just a few bumps is also one of the advantages of a box flower arrangement. You can rest easy even when shipping them somewhere far away.

So let's celebrate the special day of your loved ones with a one of a kind flower box that you put your heart into making!
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