Glass-Framed Small Wreath

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Perfect as an interior decoration or a small gift!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a mini-sized wreath using soft colored flowers!

Kanako Takizawa will show you how to do a natural but cute mini-sized wreath!

This mini-sized wreath is made mainly of preserved flowers, but you will learn how to add artificial flowers and berries to make it look three-dimensional!

By adding vibrantly colored small flowers and berries to preserved hydrangea and baby's breath, you can make a wreath that looks very fresh.

You can turn the wreath into a beautiful, refreshing interior decoration item
by putting it into a simple frame.

This lesson will explain to you how to make a vibrant mini-wreath
by adding colorful small flowers and berries as an accent
to a base made of toned-down preserved flowers!

In detail, you will be learning:

◆How to make a perfectly round wreath
◆How to add flowers so that they are well balanced
◆How to add small flowers and berries so that they look cute
◆How to make the wreath look three-dimensional
◆How to choose flowers to make a beautiful wreath
◆How to make the frame look even more transparent

and more.

Kanako will teach you the tips and tricks she usually uses while she attaches flowers and berries to the acrylic board.

The green mini-wreath is a gentle, fresh wreath perfect for the upcoming season.

You can easily create a different kind of wreath by changing the colors of the hydrangeas,
or the types of small flowers that you use.

You can also easily transform it into a gift for your family or friends by writing a message in the middle!

You can also freely arrange the design to match the occasion and season
by adding bows inside or by gluing shells on the frame.

Take this opportunity to master this mature but cute mini-wreath
and expand your flower arranging abilities!
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