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Bouquet Champetre - a popular flower arrangement style in Paris

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Learn how to make a bouquet representing the flowers blooming in parks and woods!
This lesson will thoroughly teach you the tips in arranging flowers beautifully!

This lesson teaches you how to make a bouquet champetre.
Champetre is a word that means "rustic" in French.

The most important point in making this bouquet is to arrange the flowers naturally so that they look as if you have picked them while taking a walk, following the word "champetre".

In this lesson, you will get a thorough explanation of the tips to produce a beautiful bouquet,
especially on how to put the flowers together so that they have a natural impression.

Also, you will learn the important method of preparing the flowers before arranging them
and how to set the starting point of the bouquet called the "binding point".

Also featured in this lesson are

◯How to change the direction of the bouquet while putting the flowers together
◯Ways to cut the stems of branches so that they last longer
◯Where to put the main flowers when making a natural-looking bouquet

and many more.

The lesson is carried out slowly with explanations on the basics of bouquet making,
so even if you have never made one, you can give your first try here!

Once you have mastered how to put together a balanced bouquet, try making one of your own!

The tips for choosing which flowers to use are also discussed in this lesson.
Use this lesson as a reference to choose the flowers and make your own bouquet.

A bouquet in your room can brighten up the atmosphere.
Great to put at the entrance of salons or classes, or on tables!

The flowers used in this lesson are mainly white and green,
but please try making your bouquet with the colors that you like, such as pink, purple, and blue!
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