Dried Flower Clock

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Includes a crescent-shaped templated drawn by the instructor, takako!

An eye-catching bright arrangement!
Learn how to make a flower clock using plenty of dried flowers!

Make a soft and bright flower clock in takako's style!

In this lesson, she will lecture you on how to make a stylish flower clock
that makes a perfect accent for a simplistic room!

Dried flowers are often used as materials for pressed flowers and handmade crafts,
but these are not the only ways to use them.

By just putting them together with a clock, they turn it into a brilliant flower clock!

So, in this lesson, takako will thoroughly explain how to make a colorful and gorgeous flower clock
along with the characteristics of each dried flower and how to handle them.

Through the lecture, you will not only learn how to make a dried flower clock but also some little trivia on dried flowers.

The specific contents include

◆Preparations that help you balance out the flowers
◆Which flowers to choose to let the product last longer
◆Tips on making the work look more delicate
◆Tips on putting the flowers together in a nice crescent shape
◆Combinations of colors that make the work look more beautiful

and many more.
The lesson is filled with clues to creating the work while bringing out the beauty of the flowers to the fullest extent.

Dried flowers tend to have a more subtle and quiet impression than preserved flowers,
but by decorating them utilizing their characteristics, a surprisingly bright and brilliant flower clock can be made.

Once you have learned the tips for making this flower clock, you can alter the design in various ways.
Try and make a one-and-only flower clock filled with your favorite dried flowers and colors that you like.

It is perfect as an interior for your room, but it also makes a perfect gift for your friends on special occasions.
takako often makes one as a wedding gift!

In the lesson, the color choices that work best when making a flower clock as a wedding gift are also explained. Don't miss it.

Take this opportunity to make a flower clock and broaden your variation of dried flower arrangements.
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