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The Importance of Getting the Photo Right Before You Start Editing

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Watch this before you begin editing your photos!
Let's learn all the important points to consider when taking photographs!

This video tutorial, intended for beginners to photo editing, explains everything you need to know before you start the editing process!

After you've captured an image of an important place in your life or a moving landscape, why not edit it and make it into an even more special photograph?

But you might have some doubts keeping you from actually editing your photos...

"Which editing software is best for beginners?"
"I'm not so good with computers, so I'm worried I can't edit well..."
"What if I mess up the picture?"

It's common to have some anxiety about photo editing.

So in this tutorial video, professional landscape photographer Malthe will explain in detail everything the beginner photo editor needs to know before starting the editing process.

Specifically, the lesson includes:

◆Adjusting the settings on your camera
◆The easiest kinds of photos to edit
◆How to take memorable photos

...and more. Malthe will carefully explain the important points to consider so you can take photos best suited for editing.

Photo editing is a way to highlight the beauty of existing photos, and no amount of editing can turn an improperly photographed picture into a beautiful piece.

To create that one special piece, it's crucial to first take a good photo with the correct camera settings and under the best circumstances!

After you've learned how to take good photos, you can move on to the editing process.

In the next lesson, let's finally start photo editing!
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