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Cookies with Floral Initials

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Infinite possibilities for arrangements!
You will learn how to decorate icing cookie with creative initial letters!

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to create letters with flowers using the icing.

You can write whatever initial letter you like! This design is very creative!

If you have already acquired basic skills through the Tag styled cookies lesson,
challenge yourself to a more advanced design!

Previously, we used icing to write letters. In this lesson, we will use another method to this.

If you use icing to write letters, you will usually get a three-dimensional image,
but this time we are going to learn to make flat letters.

Flat letters give you a completely different impression.

Even if you write the same letters, flat letters give you more calm and stylish look.

In this lesson you will also learn:

●How to draw flowers.
●How to fix the part with too many leaves.
●Two ways to decorate the edges.

And more!

Makiko Ikeda will explain the tips and tricks so that you can get to enjoy a broad range of arrangements!

During the lesson, we will use royal blue color for the base and white color for letters.
But you are free to choose whatever color you want.

These cookies with initial letters perfectly fit for gifts.
Try to choose the color depending on the receiver!

Even if you don't have exactly the same cookie cutter as in this video,
you can try to use a clear file folder as a substitute!

If you are a beginner in decorating cookies with icing, first watch a Tag styled cookies lesson
to try out simple decoration!
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