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Victorian Cake and Cutlery Motif Icing Cookies

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The kind of designs you can make are endless!
Learn to make icing cookies with cake and cutlery motifs!

In this lesson, learn to make 2 different icing cookie designs.
You'll be learning while decorating both the victorian cake and cutlery designed cookies at the same time.

Once you've taken the basicTag Styled Icing Cookies lesson
and learned a simple design, let's try a fancier design!

The design in this lesson won't just focus on the lining,
but it'll also teach how to give the sponge cake and whipped cream their texture.

Other than that, you'll also learn

●Key points for drawing well-balanced cutlery
●Key points on how to ice beautifully
●One extra step to flatten the surface made with a lining icing and give a beautiful finish

and many more will be explained.

As long as you master the steps and key points, you'll be able to decorate beautifully,
so the steps and tips will be explained in detail!

In this lesson, the victorian cake will be drawn on a pink background, and the cutlery on a white background,
but one of the biggest charms to icing cookies is its endless possibilities in color.

The colors used will change the impression the design gives,
so please try to use any colors you like to decorate!

Even for those that don't have the cookie cutters used in this lesson,
you can use a clear folder as a substitute, so please give this a try.

Beginners in icing cookies should first try the lesson on Tag styled Icing cookies
to work on simpler decorations first!
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